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If you are looking for tech used in a startup then you are at the right place.

In this article, I will try to answer all your queries related to the startup world and also other related problems to grow the startup.

I have been working in the tech space for the past decade and I have also worked for many tech giant companies as a freelancer so I am pretty sure that I can solve all your queries.




These days it is a trend that you see that a startup has raised XYZ amount of funding from some venture capital company or news like that a startup started just a few years ago has been valued as a unicorn.

Starting up your own startup is the new normal for this 21st century and if you are looking for one then you might come across various issues related to How to start or what is the tech for a startup that you need to be familiar with.

Every tech startup backbone is the tech used which basically facilitates the entire system to fix the problem.

Tech for Startup


Tech for Startup


If you are the one who is also looking for starting up a tech startup you have to be familiar with the following technology.

Well, it totally depends upon the use case scenario of your specific startup but still, there are a few which are the most common tech for startups.

Despite the fact in which field you are going to work, any tech startup requires a

  • Frontend Side (Client side).
  • Backend side (Server side).



If anyone thinks of having a tech startup it is obvious that they are going to look for a website and if needed an app as well.

And to have that you need developers who are capable of building the front and the backend.

A full-stack developer is capable of implementing both of them together.

For the front end, you will need to have expertise in Html, CSS, and javascript. There are a few frameworks and libraries that you need to be familiar with such as

  • AngularJs
  • React.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery

Whereas for the backend you need to be good with the following

  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Node.js

Since you might receive data from the user of the startup so to store that you need to have expertise in the database as well.

The most famous platforms used for building the database are the followings.

  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • SQL 

The good part is that if you cannot do all of this by yourself it’s always good and highly advised to outsource the technical side to a tech firm there are many who can handle it properly for you.


The best tech for the startups


Well, there are various technologies that are used these days in the tech space but speaking on the macro level the most widely used ones are the following.

In context with the programming language used-

Javascript is used in (81%) of the startups across the globe whereas Ruby and Python (67%), Java(64%), Perl(44%), and PHP(42%).

It is not necessary that you should use all of them at once but slowly whichever programming language suits your need you can easily go for that.

The two most commonly used stacks for tech startups are:-

  • MEAN(MongoDB,ExpressJS,Angular,Nodejs)
  • LAMP(LINUX,Apache,Mysql and PHP)

There are various tech startups that are using artificial Intelligence and machine learning to interact better with their users.

These firms also use specific technologies and various programming languages to do their specific job.

For better integration of Artificial intelligence Python is the most widely used programming language.

On the other side, C++ is fast and reliable and machine learning requires speed which makes C++ good for machine learning.


Tech Startup Ideas


Since we talked well enough about the technologies and the programming languages used in the startup space here are a few business ideas that you should give a shot at.


  • Tech Gadget Rentals
  • Online Services
  • Publishing Ebooks
  • Software Development Services
  • Digital Product sales

These are just a few common ideas for any tech startup in today’s time but the potential in the tech startup world is infinite.

It is just a matter of fact that you solve a problem with the help of tech falls in the category of Tech startups.

For tech startups, Is the party over?


In recent days a conversation is catching heat that is the days of tech startups over or not.

Well, the straightaway answer is NO. But there has been a significant fall in the boom of tech startups but still, there are many startups in the tech world that are doing great every day on a big scale.

At the start of the entrepreneurship trend, there was a boom where everyone was running after tech startups but the arrival of the recession and many other factors have prevailed has caused a significant drop.

There will always be successful startups who will keep coming and will fix the problems and make a multi-billion dollar empire but there will also be some who will fail.



How to grow a tech startup?

To grow a tech startup the core necessity is the strength of the idea along with a strong tech framework that utilizes its resources to fulfill the task. Consistent efforts with tech advancement are the key to success.

Tech startup name suggestions?

The best name for your startup should be related to the problem that you are solving or you can also look for synonyms for the word.

Tech startup awards?

There are various awards for startups on the national and international stages but a few of the prestigious ones are Global Startup Awards




From my perspective and my work experience, I can sum up everything and can say that there are multiple technologies available for tech startups but the best are the ones that fulfill the startup tech necessities. Speaking of the future of tech so I would say that it is very bright. Despite a lot of competition and upgrading tech still, there is a lot of potential for success and the party is not yet over.

Even if you are going to start today there is a lot left to be done. The core of any startup in any field is to solve the problems of the end-user and if there are problems there is always scope for startups. Tech is the future everything will connect.